Monday, March 7, 2011


I was up late last night drawing prostitutes! And if you know me, that's not too surprising haha. I've been wanting to draw some all weekend. The problem was, my mechanical pencil broke and I've tried to fix it all week but it's just not letting the lead come through, so I decided to try pen! Aughh. Pen is actually really fun to draw with, besides the part where you can't erase your mistakes! So here's some imperfect prostitutes!

This first one is the Picky Prostitute, she won't get in your car if you're a little too hairy, a little too chubby, if your cars a little too dirty, if you're a little too old...

This is the Fat Prostitute. You might want to treat her to a meal before letting her go down on you or else she'll really eat you.

This is the Nice Prostitute. She won't necessarily do anything kinky or wild, but she'll treat you well and get the job done right.

And this... this is the Zombie Prostitute. I've never drawn a zombie in my life, so it was pretty difficult haha. But yeah, I don't think she's interested in anything except brains.


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